Pit Rules

Mud Bug 4-11-15

 New for 2016
All classes
1. Must wear DOT approved helmets
2. Must wear seatbelts
3. Truck must have substantial pulling  point or trailer hitch

Stock Class
37″ & under must be street legal
Factory tire or equivalent No boggres

38.5 & under    39″ & over   NO paddle or cut tires or NOS

Open Class
Anything Goes
1 Must have fire extinguisher approved for your fuel
2 Must have  roll cage and four-point harness
3 Must wear fire suit
4 All paddle tires and cut tires  to be run in open class

Tractor class

If a tire  does not have  the manufacturers  size on the side  they will go in open class

Bounty Hole  2 class  40″ & under    40.5″ & over
Applies  bounty hole only
 NO  blowers, turbochargers or NOS
Naturally aspirated engines only
ONE  exception  factory turbo  diesel

All drivers must attend drivers meeting
no late entries

In all races & class there must be 4 trucks
entered to receive added money

   All passengers must be listed on the sign in sheets and wear helmets.
•  Open class drivers must wear helmets.
•   Open class must have  a fire extinguisher appropriate for your fuel .   

•   Signing up for the wrong class.
•  Dragging pull-out cable thru the pit and around the spectators.

These rules are subject to change without notification