Mud Park Rules

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Participating in events on our property involves some risk.  Before you can participate, you will need to sign a Waiver of Liability.   The following sample is for viewing purposes only.  You must fill out our Waiver of Liability on location.

 Waiver of Liability PDF is a common format for documents on websites.  You must have the free software Adobe Reader in order to open the document.  You can download the free software from Adobe.   Uncheck the Google toolbar option unless you want it.Our Waiver of Liability form is available at the Paden Mud Bog gate & registration.


1.   All must sign Waiver of Liability , parents must sign for children under 18
2.  No Fighting all involved will be escorted off the property
3.  No Motors after dark
4.   No  glass containers

RV & camping areas have a 5 MPH speed limit

Warning no lifeguard on duty in wading or swimming areas

All park and race rules are subject to change without notification.
To call Management:  405- 932- 4851